Wyoming Drug Rehab

Your Treatment Options + State Drug Abuse Facts


Are you or a loved one dealing with addiction? If so, you need to know that you can recovery and enjoy a wonderful life. Even if addiction seems overwhelming now, with a good drug treatment program in Wyoming, you can begin working towards sobriety.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 11,000 residents in Wyoming used or abused illicit drugs in 2013 and 2014. While Wyoming is the least populated state in the country, it is one of the top ten states for illicit drug dependence among minors.  In the Cowboy State, 11.6 out of every 100,000 people die as a direct result of using drugs. Although this is lower than the national average of 12.8 per 100,000 people, it is more than any family wants to experience.

It is not enough to admit that you’re dealing with addiction – you have to take action. Many deaths occur as a result of drug or alcohol use, and you don’t want to become another sad statistic. Start working towards recovery today by considering some of the available drug treatment options in Wyoming.

Type & Length of Care

The type and length of care can vary from program to program. Some available programs in Wyoming include:

Long Term Treatment Programs

A long term treatment program will last for a minimum of 90 days, although some long term programs may last for much longer, depending on the patient’s needs. Long term programs offer excellent results because they provide patients with a longer time spent in treatment, making it easier to ensure that all the factors contributing to problems with addiction have been dealt with effectively. More time is also spent working on relapse prevention techniques to prevent problems with relapse.

Short Term Treatment Programs

Short term programs are usually 28-30 day programs that begin with several days of detoxification. After the detox phase, patients are usually able to go on with outpatient treatment. Most of these programs will require patients to go through individual of group substance abuse classes. Counseling sessions are also an important part of these programs. When patients need to keep up with their obligations and responsibilities while working towards recovery, short term programs in Wyoming often prove helpful.


When patients are involved in an outpatient program, they won’t be required to stay in facility, but they will need to see their behavioral health counselor for regular appointments. Individual and/or group drug counseling will also be a requirement. Many types of therapies may be used, in many cases, together, to help patients through recovery.

Inpatient treatment programs in Wyoming require patients to stay in a facility throughout treatment. Medical supervision and 24-hour medical care is offered to patients as they go through detoxification and move through the recovery process. Facilities use many therapeutic approaches to help patients reach sobriety.

Residential Treatment Services


The detox portion of a treatment program usually only lasts for several days. During this time, patients detox from the drug they’ve abused. Throughout detoxification, patients receive medical care and are often given medications to help reduce many of the uncomfortable symptoms of detoxification.

Sober-living House

Sober-living houses often prove helpful for patients transitioning between treatment programs and their community or those moving between an inpatient program and a new outpatient program. Sober living homes are safe places that offer support and services to patients as they transition and it’s an affordable alternative to a long term residential treatment program in Wyoming.

Dual Diagnosis

Patients often have mental health program along with their addiction problems, and the mental health problems also need to be addressed when patients are going through treatment. For the best recovery results, both issues must be addressed simultaneously.

Commonly Abused & Treated Drugs:

The substances considered most dangerous throughout the country are not necessarily the same ones that threaten the lives of each state’s residents. In Wyoming, marijuana is the most prevalent drug, which accounts for half of all drug treatment admissions. Meth is the second most common drug in the state, followed by a distant heroin, crack, and cocaine.


No matter what substance you’re addicted to, there’s a Wyoming treatment program that’s right for you. However, it’s essential to begin treatment as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the life you want. It’s a good idea to consider traveling to a treatment center that’s some distance away, since getting away from your familiar surroundings and any bad influences can help increase your success. If you’re ready to start your journey, call us today and we’ll help you find the right drug treatment program in Wyoming.