Wyoming Drug Rehab

Your Treatment Options + State Drug Abuse Facts


Are you or a loved one dealing with addiction? If so, you need to know that you can recovery and enjoy a wonderful life. Even if addiction seems overwhelming now, with a good drug treatment program in Wyoming, you can begin working towards sobriety.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 11,000 residents in Wyoming used or abused illicit drugs in 2013 and 2014. While Wyoming is the least populated state in the country, it is one of the top ten states for illicit drug dependence among minors. In the Cowboy State, 11.6 out of every 100,000 people die as a direct result of using drugs. Although this is lower than the national average of 12.8 per 100,000 people, it is more than any family wants to experience.

It is not enough to admit that you’re dealing with addiction – you have to take action. Many deaths occur as a result of drug or alcohol use, and you don’t want to become another sad statistic. Start working towards recovery today by considering some of the available drug treatment options in Wyoming.

Here Are the Best Wyoming Drug Rehabs from Most to Least Votes

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Central Wyoming Counseling Center

Casper, Wyoming

Not only does Central Wyoming Counseling Center provide multidisciplinary services, but they also have a diverse staff that gives them the opportunity to provide sensitive, compassionate, and effective care to each of their clients. As an addiction treatment provider, they are able to assess each client and design a program that fits their needs, goals, and lifestyle. Services are available to clients of all ages. Individuals struggling with opioid addiction will have access to medication-assisted treatments and other services including various types of therapies, relapse prevention training, withdrawal management, and psychiatric programs. In order to increase awareness of behavioral healthcare, Central Wyoming Counseling Center also works with their community to provide suicide prevention helplines as well as various crisis services and prevention programs.

The Central Wyoming Counseling Center (CWCC) offers support for individuals struggling with substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. They offer detox, residential inpatient treatment and outpatient programs.

1430 Wilkins Cir.
Casper, WY 82601
Phone: 307-237-9583

Intensive Treatment: Responsive Care

CWCC is committed to helping residents in Central Wyoming who struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health problems. Through their Crisis Stabilization Services (CCSS), they offer:

  • Rehabilitation – CWCC has treatment options for people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Patients can stay at CWCC (residential) or come in during the day for treatment (outpatient).
  • Recovery – For anyone with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, sobriety takes commitment. CWCC helps patients master the healthy habits of successful, sober people.
  • Support – People in inpatient drug rehab need the support of those around them. CWCC helps loved ones understand the issues that patients face and, in doing so, mend communication gaps.
  • Community – CWCC fosters a sense of community among residential inpatients and those in the outpatient treatment programs. Patients engage in support groups with like-minded people on the same journey.

People come to CWCC to beat drug and alcohol addiction. Through the sequence of treatment options, patients go through detox and restore their mental and physical health.

Addiction Treatment Services

CWCC offers multiple treatment services in its inpatient and outpatient programs. Common features in both include:

  • Individual Therapy – Each patient meets with an appointed treatment counselor. During each meeting, the patient discusses his/her issues, habits and treatment progress.
  • Group Therapy – At CWCC, patients meet in groups to share their insights, fears, triumphs and wisdom with like-minded people on the same mission.
  • Family Support – CWCC holds sessions where patients meet with family members in a moderated setting where counselors help both parties come to an understanding.
  • Relapse Prevention – Sobriety takes effort and patients often need encouragement and moral support once they leave the program. CWCC offers continued support.

CWCC does everything in its power to help patients overcome drug and alcohol addiction and achieve long-lasting recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Services

The CWCC substance abuse treatment facility has 68 beds. People can come for recovery and mental health treatment. The programs on offer include:

  • Detox – The most difficult yet crucial phase when chemicals first leave the body and withdrawal symptoms peak. CWCC may use medication-assisted treatment to help patients through detox.
  • Adult Rehab – CWCC helps adults recover from substance abuse. Many people who struggle with drugs and alcohol lose what they’ve built. Here, they begin the rebuilding process.
  • Women’s Programs – Men make up the majority of people seeking treatment. Women, however, have distinct issues with mental health and substance abuse. CWCC offers comfortable all-female treatment programs.

Few Wyoming treatment centers offer flexible drug rehab programs like CWCC. With its mix of drug treatment, substance abuse and mental health services, Central Wyoming Counseling Center is one of the best options for people in the state.

CWCC started out as a mostly volunteer-operated mental health clinic in 1959, providing mental health and drug abuse treatment to the residents of Wyoming. Now, the center has grown to offer a wide variety of specialized programs and services to its patients. This is achieved with a vast team of nurses, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, peer specialists, and support staff on standby.

CWCC offers multiple levels of care, including Outpatient Services, Residential Services, and Recovery Support Services. The center has become so vast and widely popular that it serves up to 4,000 people annually at its 75,000 square-foot campus.

Before admitting a patient, CWCC carries out a couple of evaluation exercises that would typically include one or more of the following: Initial intake assessment, Addiction Severity Index (ASI), American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), Bio-psychosocial assessment, Withdrawal assessment, and Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens (CHAT).

Drug abuse treatment services offered at the center include Individual therapy, Group therapy, Family support treatment, Relapse prevention treatment, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Casper, WY


Mon-Fri (excluding Wed): 8am-5pm; Wed: 8am-7pm


This rehab center in Casper, WY offers alcohol and drug treatment to men, women, women with children, pregnant women, and teens with substance abuse issues.

Treatment options here include:

  • crisis stabilization
  • inpatient treatment
  • social detox
  • outpatient services
  • court-ordered rehab
  • jail treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Trusted features of this recovery center include CARF accreditation and licensing through the Wyoming Department of Health.

Location and contact information:

1430 Wilkins Circle
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 237-9583

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Wyoming Recovery

Casper, Wyoming

Wyoming Recovery works to provide their clients with evidence-based services that directly address any substance use disorders they are struggling with. Each individual seeking treatment here will also have access to primary medical services and holistic treatment options. The goal is not just to take a clinical approach but to also teach clients about overall wellness that can be achieved through new hobbies and skills. Clients will participate in most of the standard individual and group therapies, but they will also have access to a long list of holistic options that address nutritional, physical fitness, spirituality, and any other services that address the body, mind, and soul simultaneously. Wyoming Recovery accepts health insurance, TriCare, and other forms of payment.

Detox, IOP, MAT, Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization, Residential Treatment

For people in or near Casper, WY, who struggle with substance use disorders, Wyoming Recovery is the area’s leading treatment provider.

231 South Wilson Street
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 224-9519

Residential / Inpatient Treatment

Wyoming Recovery offers residential treatment services in a safe, supervised setting. They offer a range of drug and alcohol treatment programs with the following features:

  • Distraction-Free — At Wyoming Recovery, residents unwind from the stresses of city life at focus on wellness and recovery on the Casper Campus.
  • 24/7 Monitoring — Residents always get the care they need. If withdrawal symptoms surface, staff are there around the clock for emotional and medical support.
  • Holistic Treatment — Wyoming Recovery offers an all-encompassing approach for people seeking addiction treatment. They help residents recover on the physical and emotional levels.
  • Peer Support — Residents find the support of like-minded individuals at the Casper Campus, Everyone there is on the same journey with insights and stories of inspiration.
  • Individual Support — Each resident can add or halt treatment methods to his/her program based on what does or doesn’t work in the individual’s situation.

Each person who enters Wyoming Recovery fills out a patient registration form and undergoes pre-screening and a biopsychosocial evaluation.

Outpatient Treatment

Wyoming Recovery also offers intensive outpatient programs, which cover the same ground as residential treatment but allow the patient to spend nights at home.

  • Addiction Treatment — The foremost goal of treatment is sobriety. To achieve this, recovery care staff emphasize a mix of chemical abstinence, wellness activities and mental health counseling.
  • Activities — Wyoming Recovery promotes wellness activities like animal care, equine therapy, hiking, art and music therapy, exercise, yoga and other things that engage the mind and body.
  • Freedom — In outpatient treatment programs, patients come to the campus for daytime counseling and activities and return home in the evenings.
  • Mental Health Treatment — For lasting recovery, campus counselors offer dual diagnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy to treat the co-occurring mental health disorders that often accompany drug and alcohol use, such as trauma, depression and PTSD.

Like most treatment centers with outpatient clinics, Wyoming Recovery conducts group therapy sessions where people heal together in a supportive setting.

Wyoming Recovery, Casper, Wyoming

This residential drug rehab facility is accredited by the Joint Commission and provides holistic treatment options.

Available treatment services and recovery programs include:

  • MAT programs for opioid/opiate addiction with Suboxone
  • 12-step support groups
  • residential treatment
  • outpatient services
  • group therapy and individual counseling

This behavioral health treatment provider is LegitScript-certified and rated five stars on Google.

Location and contact information:

231 S Wilson St.
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 265-3791

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Volunteers of America – The Gathering Place

Sheridan, Wyoming

The Gathering Place provides addiction treatment specific to women. Each woman seeking help will begin with an assessment that helps their assigned clinician determine what areas of that person are in need and which of the available services will best treat them. These treatment services include recovery activities, recreational therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, strength-based counseling, Seeking Safety groups, 12-step meetings, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, corrective thinking, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and education. Support groups will focus on discussing topics such as trauma, healthy relationships, vocational skills, social skills, and daily living skills. The average length of treatment here is 90 days, however, all programs are totally individualized to the specific client, meaning that the length in which they are enrolled in a residential program depends entirely on that individual and their progression. Insurance coverage typically takes care of the cost of treatment, but The Gathering Place does also accept self-pay based on a sliding fee scale and Medicaid.

Volunteers of America is a national, CARF-accredited organization dedicated to helping individuals enter addiction recovery.

A full continuum of care is offered here, including:

  • drug and alcohol abuse assessment
  • social detoxification
  • residential drug rehab
  • inpatient treatment
  • outpatient programs
  • 12-step programs
  • holistic treatment
  • health care services

VOA recently acquired Peak Wellness Center, an addiction treatment center in Cheyenne, WY.

Location and contact information:

1876 S. Sheridan Ave.
Sheridan, WY 82801
(307) 672-0475

Peak Wellness Center

A leading provider of substance abuse rehab in Wyoming for more than 50 years, this addiction treatment center has a staff of nearly 200, with more than 100 clinical specialists providing care at locations throughout the southeastern part of the state.

The residential substance abuse treatment for adults includes comprehensive, effective treatment through detoxification, intensive outpatient therapy, psychiatric care, and advanced medication-assisted treatment. Individual and group therapy is offered to family members. Specialized programs for addicted youth are available. Clients are introduced to 12-step meetings. Drug testing is carried out to reinforce abstinence.

Long-term aftercare and relapse prevention are part of the recovery plan at this private, nonprofit clinic. Clients looking for affordable SUD treatment can ask about the sliding scale fee schedule. Thousands of people have benefited from addiction treatment at Peak Wellness Center, which has four locations, including a residential facility in Laramie.

Guernsey, WY


24 hours


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CRH Cedar Mountain Center

Cody, Wyoming

The Cedar Mountain Center is just one of the different locations affiliated with Cody Regional Health located right beside Yellowstone National Park. As a drug and alcohol treatment center, this specific treatment facility provides comprehensive services that address the individual through body, mind, and soul. This recovery center provides many different drug and alcohol treatment programs that are totally individualized and allow for more specific and effective services. The residential program only allows for a set length of treatment, so clients may receive a referral to another rehab program that offers longer-term services. Clients are encouraged throughout their recovery process to bring family members to therapy, and they are also given aftercare resources allowing for continuing care planning.

Detox, Inpatient Treatment, MAT

Cedar Mountain Center offers detox programs for the following drugs of abuse:

  • cocaine
  • benzodiazepines
  • methamphetamines
  • opioids

They also have alcohol detoxification through the use of Campral and Antabuse. Their treatment service settings include not just inpatient drug rehab but hospital inpatient and short-term and long-term drug rehab.

Addiction therapies offered include:

  • anger management
  • motivational interviewing
  • dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • community outreach

Cedar Mountain treats patients with dual diagnosis and has special programs for adult men and women. They operate an aftercare program.

Facility contact information:

707 Sheridan Ave.
Cody, WY 82414
(307) 578-2531 ext. 2525

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Cheyenne VA Medical Center

Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Cheyenne VA Medical Center provides both inpatient and outpatient services to veterans who are struggling with drug abuse or alcohol addiction. This facility is particularly able to help veterans also dealing with co-occurring homelessness as this is often a common consequence of self-medicating to deal with trauma. Clients will have access to 24-hour medical care, job assistance, housing services, addiction education, health maintenance, community support, a variety of mental health services, nutritional guidance, and medication management. The Cheyenne VA clinic also specializes in addressing the needs of members of the LGBTQ+ community and women.

Inpatient Treatment, MAT, Outpatient

Cheyenne VAMC Mental Health (116A), Cheyenne, Wyoming

This inpatient drug rehab facility is operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It helps patients from young adults to seniors and has psychiatric emergency walk-in services. It also treats patients with dual diagnosis as well as veterans, members of the LGBT communities, and active-duty military.

The rehab center has telemedicine therapy and offers housing services and case management.

Facility contact information:

2360 East Pershing Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 778-7550

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Southwest Counseling Service

Rock Springs, Wyoming

Southwest Counseling Services works with individuals suffering from a long list of drug addictions, allowing them to make their programs more accessible to those in need. The basis of each of their programs allows for a variety of group therapies in order to give clients the opportunity to work with their peers, develop support groups, and hold one another accountable throughout the entire recovery process. Most of these groups are offered on an outpatient basis so that each client is able to fit them into their busy schedules. Aside from group therapy, Southwest Counseling Services provides access to a long list of treatment options for Wyoming residents that address psychiatric needs and mental health conditions as well.

Detox, Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Treatment, IOP, MAT, PHP, Sober Living

Southwest Counseling Service, Rock Springs, Wyoming

Southwest Counseling Service offers addiction recovery services in Rock Springs, WY through residential and outpatient treatment programs.

Treatment programs here are CARF-accredited and include:

  • adult intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • jail-based treatment
  • court-ordered rehab programs
  • DUI treatment and education
  • women-only residential program
  • continuing care programs
  • sober living
  • health care
  • mental health care

Location and contact information:

2300 Foothill Blvd.
Rock Springs, WY 82901
(307) 352-6677

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Curran Seeley Foundation

Jackson, Wyoming

The Curran Seeley Foundation is an addiction treatment center that provides a variety of outpatient treatments to their clients in order to be as flexible and customizable as possible. All clients will begin with a consultation where they are evaluated by a clinician. Once that is complete, their recovery program will be designed. Some of the available services will include educational services, prevention classes, interventions if necessary, DUI classes, individual counseling, group therapy, and gender-specific services. IOP through Curran Seeley is both gender and age-specific. Most of this program is made up of group therapies that discuss topics such as life skills, social skills, anger management, stress, and relapse prevention. IOP clients will also participate in a 6-week wellness program that offers meditation, mindfulness, 12-step meetings, and SMART recovery. If clients require detoxification services or residential care, they will receive a referral from their clinician to a trusted rehab facility that does provide said programs. Clients of the Curran Seeley Foundation are also encouraged to participate in aftercare services and recovery dharma.

Curran Seeley Foundation, Jackson, WY

Founded in 1988, this private, nonprofit organization provides drug and alcohol counseling and addiction treatment services to several communities in and around Teton County. Clients can expect caring, confidential, and cost-effective treatment at their office in Jackson. The intensive outpatient program is accredited by CARF and adheres to the highest standards in patient-centered care.

Trained counselors treat patients with dual diagnoses through modalities such as CBT and DBT for relapse prevention. Clients meet for individual and group therapy sessions at a spectacular campus with rolling hills and farmland as the backdrop.

Find out more about the family program and aftercare plans at this outpatient Wyoming rehab center by calling the helpline.

Jackson, WY


Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm


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Trinity Teen Solutions, Powell, WY

This Wyoming rehab center is a faith-based Catholic residential facility for troubled teenage girls. A variety of evidence-based treatment modalities are used for young women battling mental health and substance abuse issues.

Therapy sessions include dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and eye-movement desensitization reprocessing, among others. The residential program is designed to remove the teenager from life stressors and negative distractions.

The girls are allowed to connect with nature, learn new skills, and let down their guard. The treatment team at this facility encourages changes in behavior by building trust. Family therapy and regular updates keep parents up-to-date on the adolescent’s progress. Located at a sprawling ranch with views of picturesque Wyoming mountain ranges, the facility is an ideal place for teen girls to recover, recoup, and relearn.

Powell, WY


24 hours


Trinity Teen Solutions, Powell, Wyoming

Trinity Teen Solutions in Powell offers specialized teen-only treatment for adolescent girls.

This rehab center is accredited by the Joint Commission and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The residential treatment program is Catholic-based and includes:

  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • rational emotive behavior therapy
  • seeking safety, a trauma-based therapy for girls and women

Location and contact information:

112 Safe Haven Rd.
Powell, WY 82435
(307) 202-8400

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High Country Behavioral Health – Rawlins

Rawlins, Wyoming

High Country Behavioral Health is a non-profit organization that provides substance abuse treatments to clients living in more rural areas where access to behavioral healthcare may be limited. This recovery organization has 13 total locations, but the Rawlins location provides services such as individual counseling, family therapy, mental health therapy, peer support, case management, evaluations, and more. Clients also have access to 24-hour crisis services. Through these programs, clients work with their clinician to identify any underlying conditions, educate the individual on their specific dependency problem, help the client determine what their recovery goals are, and provide guidance in addressing all problem areas and reaching those goals.

IOP, Outpatient, Residential Treatment

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Y.E.S. House Foundation

Gillette, Wyoming

Y.E.S. House is a non-profit foundation that provides drug use and alcohol treatment to children and adolescents, ages 5-24. Because these individuals are so young, they are encouraged to work through these problems with their loved ones in family therapy and other family-inclusive programs. Each treatment program, though totally individualized to the client, includes some combination of counseling, advocacy, education, nutritional guidance, crisis services, skill development, and more. Length of treatment is also customized to the client but typically lasts several months in order to make sure that clients are progressing through the program but also healing at their own pace. Y.E.S. House incorporates evidence-based therapies into each of their plans. These include solution-focused therapy, DBT, CBT, EMDR, experiential therapy, narrative therapy, existential therapy, anger management, corrective thinking, expressive arts, process groups, reality therapy, and psychoeducation. Treating individuals when they are this young and still developing is an extremely critical process, especially when drugs and alcohol are being used. Y.E.S. Foundation works to provide a safe space for young clients where they are not judged and where they can focus on recovering.

Partial Hospitalization, Residential Treatment, Sober Living

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Casper Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Casper, Wyoming

This inpatient treatment center offers detox services as well as short-term and long-term treatment programs. They have special programs for active-duty military and help patients through addiction recovery with individual psychotherapy. They also have an aftercare program.

Facility contact information:

601 SE Wyoming Blvd.
Casper, WY 82609
(681) 245-7581

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Fremont Counseling Service, Riverton, WY

Established in 1959, this nonprofit, CARF-accredited addiction treatment facility provides substance abuse and mental health services to clients in Fremont County and surrounding communities. The center offers discounted fees to deserving individuals based on household income and family size. People of every race, gender, nationality, and religion are welcome here. Insurance coverages accepted include Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP.

Treatment modalities include an intensive outpatient program, family and group counseling, psychiatric consultation, and abstinence monitoring for relapse prevention. Clients have access to a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week crisis response service.

Riverton, WY


24 hours


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Ivinson Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Services, Laramie, Wyoming

As this Wyoming rehab center is found in a hospital, it provides hospital inpatient services, including hospital inpatient detoxification from alcohol and benzodiazepines.

Their other addiction therapies include:

  • relapse prevention
  • trauma therapy
  • brief interventions
  • group and family counseling
  • drug and alcohol screening

Learn more about Ivinson Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Services.

Facility contact information:

255 North 30th St.
Laramie, WY 82072
(307) 755-4370

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Youth Emergency Services Inc., Gillette, Wyoming

This treatment center is an RTC, or residential treatment center for children, adolescents, and young adults grappling with addiction. Along with addiction therapies such as psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, they also offer activity therapy and counseling in diet and exercise. They accept patients with a dual diagnosis.

Learn more about Youth Emergency Services Inc.

Facility contact information:

905 North Gurley Ave.
Gillette, WY 82716
(307) 686-0669

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Beartooth Men’s Rehab And Ranch, Powell, Wyoming

Beartooth Men’s Rehab is a Christian-based addiction recovery program for young men.

This rehab center offers residential treatment in Powell, WY that includes:

  • Christian vocational trade school
  • vocational skills training
  • life skills training
  • experiential rehab
  • continuing care

The treatment facility is not accredited but has received numerous testimonials from clients in recovery.

Location and contact information:

391 Road 1 AF
Powell, WY 82435
(307) 899-3424

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Chrysalis Treatment Center, Inc., Powell, WY

This is a certified, community-based substance abuse treatment provider in Wyoming. CTC offers these treatment services for adolescents (between the ages 13 to 17) in the state dealing with substance use and co-occurring disorders.

CTC uses a set of evidence-based therapies such as Motivational Interviewing, DBT, CBT, and Experiential Therapy for SUD treatment and recovery. These methods are proven to be helpful for youth in dealing with life’s challenges without resorting to substance use and abuse.

The facility has a 16-bed setup for 8 boys and 8 girls so that each person can get the highest level of individualized care available. For each treatment process from admission to discharge, CTC ensures that parents, schools, and home agencies are involved.

Type & Length of Care in Wyoming

The type and length of care can vary from program to program. Some available programs in Wyoming include:

Long Term Treatment Programs

A long term treatment program will last for a minimum of 90 days, although some long term programs may last for much longer, depending on the patient’s needs. Long term programs offer excellent results because they provide patients with a longer time spent in treatment, making it easier to ensure that all the factors contributing to problems with addiction have been dealt with effectively. More time is also spent working on relapse prevention techniques to prevent problems with relapse.

Short Term Treatment Programs

Short term programs are usually 28-30 day programs that begin with several days of detoxification. After the detox phase, patients are usually able to go on with outpatient treatment. Most of these programs will require patients to go through individual of group substance abuse classes. Counseling sessions are also an important part of these programs. When patients need to keep up with their obligations and responsibilities while working towards recovery, short term programs in Wyoming often prove helpful.


When patients are involved in an outpatient program, they won’t be required to stay in facility, but they will need to see their behavioral health counselor for regular appointments. Individual and/or group drug counseling will also be a requirement. Many types of therapies may be used, in many cases, together, to help patients through recovery.

Inpatient treatment programs in Wyoming require patients to stay in a facility throughout treatment. Medical supervision and 24-hour medical care is offered to patients as they go through detoxification and move through the recovery process. Facilities use many therapeutic approaches to help patients reach sobriety.

Residential Treatment Services


The detox portion of a treatment program usually only lasts for several days. During this time, patients detox from the drug they’ve abused. Throughout detoxification, patients receive medical care and are often given medications to help reduce many of the uncomfortable symptoms of detoxification.

Sober-living House

Sober-living houses often prove helpful for patients transitioning between treatment programs and their community or those moving between an inpatient program and a new outpatient program. Sober living homes are safe places that offer support and services to patients as they transition and it’s an affordable alternative to a long term residential treatment program in Wyoming.

Dual Diagnosis

Patients often have mental health program along with their addiction problems, and the mental health problems also need to be addressed when patients are going through treatment. For the best recovery results, both issues must be addressed simultaneously.

Commonly Abused & Treated Drugs:

The substances considered most dangerous throughout the country are not necessarily the same ones that threaten the lives of each state’s residents. In Wyoming, marijuana is the most prevalent drug, which accounts for half of all drug treatment admissions. Meth is the second most common drug in the state, followed by a distant heroin, crack, and cocaine.


No matter what substance you’re addicted to, there’s a Wyoming treatment program that’s right for you. However, it’s essential to begin treatment as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the life you want. It’s a good idea to consider traveling to a treatment center that’s some distance away, since getting away from your familiar surroundings and any bad influences can help increase your success. If you’re ready to start your journey, call us today and we’ll help you find the right drug treatment program in Wyoming.